Fandom Advice

Author Questionnaire

Conducted in November 2011 by Lulu M

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With advice from: AmeryMarie, DreamOfTheEndless, EdwardsBloodType, Javamomma0921, Kassiah, Lady Gwynedd, Lola Pops, Nolebucgrl, Raum, SoLostinTwilight, TKegl. More to come!

Author Questionnaire

Conducted in August 2010 by thejmeyer

With advice from: adair7, camoozle, ciaobella27, Duskwatcher, ekimmuh, ikss, ItzMegan73, littlesecret84, m81170, Mac214, Ninapolitan, Obsessing Over Edward, Philadelphic, Quothme, rochelle allison , ScarlettLetters, ShilohPR, Spanglemaker, SS10, Tallulah Belle, xvampire

  1. What type of things do FF authors do that stand out in a good way?
  2. 5 Cliches You’d Be Happy Never to Read Again
  3. I Wish I Knew This Back Then
  4. What are ways you find inspirations for you stories?
  5. Creative Stumbling Blocks
  6. All About Outlines
  7. Deciding Chapter and Story Lengths
  8. The Dealio About Pre-Readers
  9. What’s up about betas?
  10. Deciding Titles for Stories and Chapters
  11. Creating that interesting, attention-getting summary
  12. The Influence of Readers’ Opinions


Smut University

Summer 2010 Session – Author Interviews

* Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. 

  1. AmeryMarie
  2. AngstGoddess003
  3. BananaPancakes7
  4. Camoozle
  5. EdwardsBloodType
  6. ErinBatt
  7. ItzMegan73
  8. Lambcullen
  9. Mac214
  10. Mrs. TheKing
  11. MsKathy
  12. Ninapolitan
  13. ObsessingOverEdward
  14. Sebastien Robichaud
  15. Tara Sue Me
  16. tby789
  17. tellingmelies