Expanding to Original Fiction

Along with our expansion to Harry Potter and Hunger Games, we are also extending our services to authors and betas of Original Fiction. We are now looking for interested authors and betas of OF to join our community.

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#HappyBdayPTB & Expansion to Harry Potter & Hunger Games Announcement!

Happy Birthday, PTB!

Since 2009, and over 450 betas and 500 authors later, Project Team Beta has grown by leaps and bounds, and 2012 is sure to be no different. Throughout the month of March, we will be celebrating the last three years and all of the hard work put into making PTB a success by all of our betas, authors and mods. Join us in celebrating by visiting our Happy Birthday tumblr and posting a message.

You can also follow along on PTB’s Twitter#HappyBdayPTB, and on Facebook.

You can also show your PTB love and party spirit, by displaying one of our birthday buttons:

Thank you to Anniegirl27 for making our birthday banner and background, Frozen Soldier and Raum for the birthday buttons, Morrigan for the beta and author interview banners, and Isabellacullenlover23 for the moderator interview banner.


We are pleased to announce some very exciting changes. Our focus in the past has been on improving Twilight fanfiction through our services. We have decided to expand our scope starting this month and will now be working with both the Harry Potter and Hunger Games fandoms.

We currently have over 60 Harry Potter betas and over 40 Hunger Games betas that are waiting for your story! Interested in joining our beta team? Fill out a beta application. Have a story you’d like us to review? Fill out a story application.

Also, be sure to check out our new Harry Potter and Hunger Games affiliates. Have a HP or HG site and want to affiliate with us? Just fill out this form.

Welcome to Project Team Beta!

We beta Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight Fan Fiction, and Original Fiction.

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Beta Application
We are always looking for betas! Interested betas are required to take a quick, basic grammar test before joining the Beta Team.

Story Application
Need a beta? Fill out an application. Each chapter/one-shot submitted will be reviewed by two betas, offering well-rounded feedback on multiple story aspects.

Contest/Event Story Application 
This application is ONLY for one-shots/outtake submissions for Contests and Events. If you are applying for a Work in Progress or a One-Shot not for a contest/event, please fill out a regular Story Application.

Why choose Project Team Beta?

PTB is exceptionally helpful to those who are unsure as to what they want out of a beta. All betas have different editing styles, and what might work for one author, might not work for another. With PTB, you have the opportunity to work with many different beta’ing styles until you find two betas that are perfect for you.

PTB also continuously strives to help both our authors and betas improve in all aspects of writing. We like to maintain an active learning community that authors and betas can depend on.