Beta Application

Please contact if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Betas under the age of 18 will ONLY be sent chapters rated G – PG13.

2. All interested betas will be given a basic grammar test. Should you fail this test, you must wait for a period of one week before you may apply again.

* The beta test includes: comma usage, verb tense, dialogue punctuation, comma splices,  word choice, and possessive pronouns.

3. Please read through and fill out the application carefully. If there is any blank or incorrect information we may disregard your application.

4. Please allow up to a week for your application to be processed. If you haven’t heard back by them, contact

5. We reserve the right to reject any beta application for whatever reason. We want to maintain a positive and fun atmosphere here at PTB, and if we feel that your story or yourself could compromise this in anyway, we will not accept you into our Beta Program.

Did you read the above information carefully?

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