New Moderators and Some Announcements & Reminders!

Hello, friends!

PTB has two new Mods on board! Say hello to: Audra aka Remylebeauishot and BelleDean! (check out their profiles on the Meet the Mods page.)

They both are all done with training, and you might have already seen an email from them in Transit. Both of these ladies have been a beta with us for like ever, so we’re very excited to welcome them to the Mod Team.

Some Announcements & Reminders:

1. Advice from the Fandom Questionnaire – We’re going to do another round! This time with new authors and new questions, but we need your help! What would you like to know about how other Twilight authors operate when writing, promoting, editing, brainstorming, responding to fans, etc.

2. Writers’ Resources Articles – If you would like to contribute to our Writers’ Resources seciton or if you would like to see more of a certain topic, just email us at

3. The Back to School Fundraiser is officially over! Authors who contributed are now allowed to post their stories; however, we have been getting few emails from people who would still like to donate to receive the compilation. If you are one of those people, we aren’t going to tell you no! For more information on where to donate, visit our Back to School Fundraiser page.

4. Project Team Beta is constantly changing and growing based on what you guys have to say! We appreciate and take all suggestions and comments to heart. If you ever have anything to say to us, please don’t hesitate in emailing any of the Mods, story accounts, or management. Our Contact page has a directory of all of PTB’s main email addresses.


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