New Chapter Status Feature!

Hello to all you PTB-ers out there!

We have a new feature here on the site. We get quite a few emails from authors asking where there chapter is at in the process. Sometimes transit takes longer than a week because of issues, so to help alleviate your concerns, we have created a Chapter Status page.

This sheet will be updated every time something new comes up with your chapter. Example: beta reassignments, extensions, etc.

Of course, we will always accept your questions via email at

This is still in the test-run phase, so we are definitely looking for ways to improve it. If you ever have any suggestions, please email us! We would also like your opinions on it. Do you think it’s useful? Will you even use it? Please help us improve to make your PTB experience a positive one.


Your Project Team Beta Moderators


One comment on “New Chapter Status Feature!

  1. “asking where there chapter is at in the process”…

    If I knew how to send an e-mail/private message about this, I would, since I would never want to risk embarrassing anyone.

    However, the above phrase, from PTB’s recent post about its new chapter status feature, cried out for a beta’s review, itself.

    All the best.


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