Pledge-a-thon w/ SoLostInTwilight (@holdmeRansom) a success! $915 raised!

We raised a total of $915!

Much love to SoLostInTwilight for participating!

High Fives to all of the pledgers: maizeandbluegurl, beccers703, yesjayme, coldplaywhore, mshavisham79, mamadog93, Just4Me, twilightgma1, agoodwitch, inkedupmom, BelleDuJour, MelbieToast, KennedyNicoleCullen, jennmc75, SydneyAlice, teacher1209, jessy122, movieandbookgirl, FiyaaaCullen, siledubh, piperann25, twilightgma1, candi9699, hermia, princesskris, gg999, Iris~Elli, rion, aabc, carebear309, cheletheoriginal, mystacie, sexymink, marriedmyedward, Jadsmama, Blackstarshining, Michelle SB-Cullen, JLW4108, Delynn, ptolson, eamc2009, Badoobs, LauraMO, alecat, Gillian Aubrey, Carolamex, patticake1, reve2weaver, AMusefan77, pennycocktail, TwiFanMom, bandmum, TwilightFan104, cmandal, MichelleIsStillReadingat4AM, sweetishbubble, darcysmom, cinlou13, MaryJaneStew, acinad_816, piscesfish03, Karen D, Rairain, becci9770, NKubie

Kisses to Twi Girls Next Door for hosting the #readalong!

Squishes to Fandom for Causes for all the tweetage!

Mucho (insert favorite action here) to everyone who supported, tweeted, shouted, etc!


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