Back to School Fundraiser–Pledge-a-thon with @sleepyvalentina, author of Art After 5 & Fall to Ruin One Day


The amazing sleepyvalentina has agreed to do a pledge-a-thon for PTB’s Back to School Fundraiser to help raise money for education! What does this mean for you? If you pledge to donate a minimum of $5 to one of the charities listed AND we make our pledge-a-thon goal, not only will you receive the yearbook at the end of the summer, but you will also receive a one shot written by sleepyvalentina.

Date: July 24
Where: On the PTB Forums under Back to School Fundraiser
Time: 5pm PST or 8pm EST

What do I have to do?

1. Fill out this form and pledge to donate a minimum of $5 to a charity listed.

2. Between now and the end of the pledge-a-thon on July 24, donate to a charity listed on the PTB Site.

3. Forward your receipt to by the end of the pledge-a-thon.

  • In the body of your email put:
    • This is for the Back to School Fundraiser Pledge-a-thon with sleepyvalentina.
    • Pen Name:
    • Total amount you pledged:

4. If you would like to participate in the pledge-a-thon party/discussion on July 24, you will need to sign up to the PTB Forums in order to post. It is not required for you to do so though.

Can I pledge more than once?

Yes! If you decide later on you’d like to pledge more, just fill out the pledge-a-thon form again.

If we make our pledge-a-thon goal, what sort of one shot will sleepyvalentina write?

Sleepyvalentina has agreed to write a pledger-decided one shot, meaning all of the pledgers will be able to submit their input on what sort of one shot they would like. She will choose among what she is given.

For up to date information, visit the PTB Forum Topic


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