New Learners and Beta Mentoring Program

Hello, friends!

PTB has been undergoing a ton of changes lately! We have always tried to be a learner-friendly environment for both our authors and betas. Our system is nowhere near perfect, but the Moderators here are continuously hard at work to bring you the best that we possibly can.

We’d like to announce two new programs that we’ve been working on these last few weeks:

New Learners

We will no longer reject stories; however, we still stand by our standard that authors should have a basic knowledge on grammar. Our betas work tirelessly editing the stories sent in, and we feel it is not fair to them if they receive a chapter riddled with basic grammar mistakes.

So instead of rejection, authors not yet ready for a transit submission will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with PTB Moderators who will help them study basic grammar concepts so that they can apply them to their story.

Once the Moderators believe an author’s story is transit-ready, the author will “graduate” and will then be able to send in their story to be beta’d.

Beta Mentoring

This is a study guide of sorts for betas studying to retest for a PTB beta position. We are always looking for new betas, and it excites us whenever we see a new Beta Application. However, we require that all of our betas have at least a basic grammar understanding. PTB prides itself on providing complete and knowledgeable beta edits, and this is only possible if the beta understands basic grammar knowledge.

The betas who apply to PTB come from a variety of editing backgrounds. Some have been editing for forever, while others are new to the business, and people from both sides have failed our test.

PTB Moderators have always informed the failed betas what their weaknesses are, and though we provided them with a variety of links to study from, we understand just how hard it can be. With this program, betas wanting to retest will be provided with resource links to study from, exercises to practice on, including a practice test, and one-on-one help with PTB Moderators.

We want everyone to be part of the PTB experience, and with these programs, we are hoping that will prove to be true.

Thank you so much for your continuous support! If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the above programs or just in general, feel free to email


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