Two New Mods and WordPress!

Hello, authors and betas!

We’ve been very busy over here at PTB for the last couple of weeks.

First off, we’ve worked tirelessly (with a pinch … well, more than just a pinch … of procrastination, lol) to transfer everything over from Google Sites to WordPress. It took forever! Google Sites isn’t a blog, so we had to make news posts, pages, etc. No importing or exporting blog posts. Bleh. MAJOR sigh now that that’s all over and done with. A huge thanks to Solareclipses for being our tech savvy thingamajig awesome person. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without her!

Second off, we have two new mods. Well, kind of two new mods. lol.

Heather, aka batgirl8968, has joined the team! She has been a beta with us for forever and a day, so we’re really excited to have her!

I’d also like to welcome back Rebecca, aka Love of Escapism. As some of you know, RL took her away from us for a bit, but she’s back and ready to go!

Just a note: if you’ve bookmarked PTB and you keep getting the old Google site, that’s because you’ve bookmarked it under the Google address. Please re-bookmark (or whatever it’s called) under

Also, we have a new feature where we’re offering to tweet new story updates for Multi-chapters and One Shots that have been beta’d by PTB betas. Check out Story Update Tweets under Applications.

As always, if you have any major questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email


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