SU Author Interview – tellingmelies

tellingmelies author of No Place Like Home

1. How did you come up with No Place Like Home?

No Place Like Home was pretty much a thought to see if I could even write a fan fiction. The actual plot came from a specific song, which will be used in an upcoming chapter in a pivotal scene. I ended up planning the fic around that. It was meant to be an angsty fic, if you can believe it, but once I started writing it, the humor just came out. I don’t follow an outline, I have certain points that I want to hit on, but the inbetweens I make up as I go.

2. Are you nearing the end now that Bella and Edward are pretty much “out” with their relationship?

I want to say that I am over half way there now that they are “out” lol. I do have some major points that I planned coming up, and I would like to say that there are maybe 10-12 chapters left, but I won’t rule out the possibility of more because I seem to be adding random scenes that just pop into my head. Like with this last chapter, it was supposed to have the bachelor/bachelorette party and I haven’t even had them discuss it yet.

3. What was the first smut story you ever write? How did that go? Did you fall into clichés? Is it still posted?

No Place Like Home was my first fic, but during the beginning of the story I was asked to participate in a One Shot contest. That was technically my first foray into smut writing, and you can tell. I was terrified to write it and almost glossed over the actual act, and it’s super quick. I didn’t really elaborate on anything, feeling wise. The story is still posted on my profile on

4. Where did you learn to write about smut?

Truthfully, I don’t know if you ever ‘learn’ to write smut, like I wouldn’t say I’m well-versed in the smut writing. I still get embarrassed when I write a smut scene, especially when I submit it to my prereaders and beta. And I always think they’re horrible. But about where I picked up ideas and tips, I would have to say from reading other authors, and not just fan fic authors.

5. What is your favorite sort of smut scene to write? Vanilla? Femslash? Doggie style?

Oh wow, I’ve pretty much only have written the vanilla type smut so far, because I tend to get a little bashful myself, in the ‘I can’t believe I’m writing this’ kind. As I’m getting more comfortable in the role, I find that I’m able to expand on certain scenes and I can see myself branching out into other types.

6. What is your number one tip to authors who have never written smut?

Make it realistic to your characters.


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