SU Author Interview – tby789

Tby789, author of A Little Crazy

Do you find inspiration from your real life?

I suppose I’ve been inspired by personal experience, but if as far as ever having sex in La Perla or wanting my panties ripped, then I’d have to answer with a big NO.

Do you let Mr. Tby789 read your work?

My husband is super supportive and reads pretty much everything I write.

Were you shy about writing your first smut scene?

I’m STILL shy about it.  I don’t think the things I write surprise anyone more than me.

What is your smut pet peeve?

Oh boy, smut is a big soapbox for me.

If you’re going to have a sex scene, do it right–have it pre-read, read again and beta’ed.  Make sure it’s needed and right for the characters, the story and the writer.  Does it make sense?  Would your characters actually say the things you’ve written?  Is what they’re doing even possible?

Do you do research?


What is your favorite name for the “bits,” male or female?

I use a lot of “he moved over her” or “felt him pressed against me” sort of stuff. 


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