SU Author Interview – Mrs. TheKing

Mrs. TheKing author of Poughkeepsie

1. If you have something that you are not happy with in a chapter, what do you do to make it better?

Great question. I dump the stuff that I don’t like. If I have a few sentences that are nice I can copy paste them for safe keeping. Sometimes if it doesn’t feel right, I might not be taking my characters where they should go.

2. How much of GYNAZOLE was inspired by real life experience?

Let me think, quite a bit. I will list them in an organized fashion for you.

1. Bella UTI/Yeast infection = MTK UTI but there was no yeast infection for me. (I dreamed up chapter one sitting in the Target parking lot)

2. Being embarrassed about tampons and such happened during my teenage years. There is still stuff I have trouble buying (Like a colon cleanser)

3. Crapping my pants, Yeah I did it. Sucked too. My IBS was raging and I tried to fart at a picnic. I waddled to the bathroom and stuffed my shitty panties in the maxi pad holder.

4. The Steve the cat character is totally a real cat, and he did/does want to kill me.

5. I whacked Mr. TK in the nose with my boobs when we were dating. It was so mortifying.

6. A lot of other stuff. God help us all. Embarassed

3. I’m pretty sure you all have kids. How much time do you dedicate to writing vs reading vs betaing vs RL?

I have two kids. Three dogs. A husband. A cat (who is right now eating leftovers off the plates I have not put in the dishwasher yet.)

When I wrote Poughkeepsie, I had very few boundaries, writing was too new, I had to see where the story went next. My family was very understanding. After that story ended and I realized that I needed to write as a form of expression, I had to sort to set some boundaries. Like, I can write if: The kids have been out to play, everyone has been fed, the kitchen is clean and the laundry is humming along. I do get less writing done this way. So I think my advice is, when getting started, cut yourself some slack and say “to hell with housework” while you do this hobby for yourself.

If you find that you have to write as a result? Then you need to give yourself boundaries.

4. Do you read stories that are not Bella/Edward? Why do you think these stories are ignored most of the time?

Yes! I do. I am not a stickler for the ExB connection. But it is the favored combo, and if the goal is to be read by others and get eyes on your work, they are a great start.

My first story was/is Edward with an Original character. You can imagine how well that one does.

That being said, write what characters spark your imagination. You are the one that will spend the most time with them, so pick your favorites.

5. Did you ever get a hateful review? Did you reply or just ignored it?

Hell yes. I’m all for constructive crit, but there has been plenty of hate. I even got death threats at one point, which pissed me off. I’ve ignored some and responded to others. It *almost* always is better to ignore than reply.

I responded to one reply by saying “I just closed my word doc due to your review” then they pm’d me back and wound up apologizing and saying they had a bad day and wanted to take it out on someone. But chances are the meanies are just freakjobs looking for a rise out of you.


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