SU Author Interview – Mac214

Mac author of Relative Wind and Coming Through the Rye

1. Was it hard to get the mechanics understandable when you wrote “Love Park”? I mean, who’s doing what to whom, that kind of thing? Did it just fall into place or did you have to work hard with the scene?

Choreography when you’re talking about more than two people can be difficult, and I had to chart things out more than a few times to make sure I didn’t give anyone three arms, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the body parts, you know?

It can also be difficult to make sure each participate is accounted for and is doing something meaningful. Unless it’s intentional, you don’t want two of your characters going at it while your third character gets to do something inconsequential… like kissing the back of someone’s head or whatever.

2. I noticed “Love Park” was an entry for a “foreskinaward” (yeah, i know… LOL). And it seems like in a lot of american fics E is circumsized. Is that the common way ‘over threre?’ Because here it’s not… It’s even discussed that it should be forbidden, and doctors often refuse to do that surgery. I’ve NEVER seen a peen without a parka!

I’ve NEVER seen an uncircumcised peen in person (and I, er, saw quite a few peens in my early twenties) – that’s how common it is in the States. There is a small faction of folks who feel that circumcision is cruel, etc, but for the most part it’s just accepted as the norm.

I don’t have kids, so I’m actually not sure how or when one decides to circumcise their boy babies.

3. Number one smut writing tip.

Ignore every single lemon you’ve ever read. Pretend you’ve never seen porn or read anything even remotely citrus-y. Now close your eyes and think of the best sex you’ve ever had or imagine the sex you’d like to be having. Write about that. Think about it feels like to have someone’s hands on your skin or their lips around your nipple. Write that. So many people base their lemons on what everyone else is writing, which is how we get the constant repeat of fandom-wide clichés: tongues battling for dominance, dripping juices, coming on command, virgins who can deep throat during their first blow job, etc.

4. Number one smut pet peeve.

I have a giant list of pet peeves, but I absolutely can’t stand ridiculous, flowery language for sex acts. I don’t want to hear about Edward, his throbbing, steel manroot standing proudly at attention, thinking about making the beast with two backs with the stunningly beautiful Bella, her rosy peaks like two lilies and the dew-moistened petals of her sex unfurling at his deft touch. No, just no.

5. Number one thing that needs improvement in smut writing.

Aside from making sex less clichéd and euphemism-laden, it would please me to see sex that seems more real. I don’t mean that we have to hear about premature ejaculation or sagging erections or those weird vaginal farty sounds that happen during sex sometimes, but I wouldn’t be upset of they were included every now and then. Flaws make characters more accessible and more… well, real. Sex isn’t always perfect the first time and it doesn’t always have to be idealized and super romantic.
I’d also like to see more emotion interjected into sex. I’ve seen some fics ruined by instruction manual sex that has no feeling whatsoever.

6. Do you have a smut writing ritual?

No, not really. But if I’m having trouble trying to get the thing in my head onto paper, I tend to have a few glasses of wine.

7. Reading Ultio I am amazed at how in depth you go with characterization. Do you have tips for keeping your characters in character during sex?

I like to keep detailed character bios for each fic I write. We definitely needed them for Ultio because it was me and a co-writer. It’s much harder to keep details straight when there’s more than just one person working on a story. It was fun to write, though, because the lemons had to be awkward and uncomfortable but still be kind of sexy in their own way.

In Relative Wind, Edward has a few very definite sexual preferences and likes variety and the fulfilling of fantasy. I made sure to write down his idiosyncrasies and keep a list of things he might want to try.

Love Park was hard because of all the choreography needed between three people. Edward there again had sort of an aggressive way about him, and Emmett and Bella had distinct roles in the threesome too. I had to chart things out.

Coming Through the Rye hasn’t had any lemons (yet), but I have very specific ideas about what those lemons will look like and sound like.

So tips… make lists and charts and consider details and preferences. It makes a difference and helps you keep everything straight.


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