SU Author Interview – lambcullen

lambcullen author of Tides, First Edition, Catching Spiders

1. Was it hard to write smut at first? Were you shy about it?

Oh, Lord. I was terrified of writing smut. I’d plotted it into my fic, and as the time came closer to write it I was becoming more worked up about it.
When I actually did it I had a couple of glasses of wine on blushed the whole way through.
It is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to write.

2. Where did you learn to write smut?

I didn’t. I just tried to imagine a scene in my head and then relay it in words. I started off with bullet points, melding them all slowly together to create the actual interaction. I just hoped, at the time, that it was believable.

3. What was the first smut story you ever wrote? How did that go? Did you fall into clichés? Is it still posted?

The first smut scene I wrote was a dream sequence in Wreckage. It is still on FanFiction, though not in its original format. I’ve rewritten it since.

My smuttiest full fic is Landscapes, and that is like lemon overload. and I did win a Golden Lemon for it. It has my favorite lemon I’ve written — The Blue Paint Scene, and that’s actually what I got the award for.

I do try to keep my writing cliche free, but I think that is a difficult thing to do at times. I’m a firm believer in if something works then use it, cliche or not.

4. How do you actively keep up with all of your stories, when it’s hard for most authors to just stay on top of one?

I get asked this all the time, and to be honest I only have one answer: I write in advance.
I always have at least two chapters written, beta’d and stored. I write every day, even if it’s only 500 words. I actually feel unproductive if I don’t write!

I suppose it helps that I only work 16hours a week too!

When I start a new fic I will usually have about seven or eight chapters before I release it.

I hate feeling pressured, so this helps with that. I think it also makes sure I write MY story, and that I don’t get swayed by reviewers opinion.

5. All of your stories are very different. Do you ever find it difficult going from writing one story to the next with all the varying view points and characterizations?

I think the fact that they are so different keeps them in separate areas of my mixed up brain. I will only ever write the one that is “speaking” to me though, otherwise they would most definitely morph into one another.

There have been plenty of times where I have write many chapters of the same fic consecutively, because that was the only one in my head.

I actively strive to write something different each time I start a new fic. That’s one of the reasons I wrote Perfume. It is for a contest about taboo’s and I knew writing that would push my limits.

6. What are your thoughts behind Slash Fiction?

I don’t actually read slash. I have tried, but it’s just not my thing.

7. Have you ever written Slash? If so, how did it go? If not, would you ever attempt it?

The closest to writing Slash that I’ve ever gotten was for Loss of Humanity — that was Bella and Alice and for First Edition — Seth and Jake, though in both cases it was little more than a kiss.

I didn’t mind writing it – it’s no different that writing, say, Edward and Bella, but I did only put it in there because it went with the plot.

I would never force it.

8. If you did write Slash, who would your two main characters be?

I think I kind of answered that with the pairings I’ve already done, because I don’t intend to write anymore.


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