SU Author Interview – ItzMegan73

ItzMegan73 author of The Tutor

1. Where did you learn to write about smut?

Hmm…Judy Blume taught me a thing or two…

2. What was the first smut story you ever wrote? How did that go? Did you fall into clichés? Is it still posted?

Oh dear. I used to write “fan fiction” in Jr. High – in a binder that my friend and I used to take turns passing back and forth. It was never posted on the Internet and I’m sure it was horrible.

3. Who is your favorite character to write about when writing smut?


4. What is your favorite “scene” to write?

The first sexual experience between the couple & makeup sex

5. How comfortable are you writing scenes where the character is pleasure themself?

Not gonna lie, it’s not my favorite.

6. What are your thought processes behind self pleasuring?

You’re asking about my fantasies aren’t you? Ah-ah-ah. I’ll never tell.

7. How did you feel when you finished The Tutor?

Oh, it was such a nice feeling. And because it ended with a graduation, I kind of felt like the charcters I’d written about: onto the next chapter of my life.


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