SU Author Interview – EdwardsBloodType

EdwardBloodsType author of High Anxiety

1. How did you come up with High Anxiety?

I had read an article about a judge who was giving out these harsh sentences, forcing teens into behavioral boot camps and private disciplinary schools. They were being callously punished for minor infractions. They were all teens who had come from money, therefore their parents were required to pay the high tuition to the schools they were sentenced to attend. The judge was getting a kickback for enrolling them.

The part about the restraining order was what I had initially thought a ridiculous but intriguing concept. I had created it for the sole purpose of seeing if the readers could handle, and want to read a story that had little or no smut and no touching… a challenge to myself, knowing that the majority of the readers of HA would be following from IBYLT. After writing I’ll Be Your Lover Too, which had a graphic lemon in 34 of the 38 chapters, I needed a break from all the sexin.’ I had no idea that the actual no contact order existed, and have heard many stories from readers about their own experiences or experiences of others. If I have learned anything from writing HA it is that the American Court system is majorly fucked up.

2. How are you feeling now that it’s almost over?

HA has been in my head and on paper (and screen) for eighteen months now. My beta, Suzy and I have discussed it to death every day for the last eighteen months, and well, we are both done. I want them to move on and live their lives now. It’s a little bittersweet because over the last year, I have made so many friends (and a few enemiesJ) and the story has brought people together in circumstances that otherwise wouldn’t. I like knowing that I have made people laugh and cry and feel something for the characters that I have created in this messed up situation. But that being said, I have two projects that I am working on now and I am so excited for them. The ideas are coming faster than I have time to write them down, so I am ready to let HA finish gracefully and move on. I am however, nervous about the ending. It’s a little different than what the readers normally receive from a TwiFic and I hope it translates well on the screen.

I have an excerpt from the prologue of one of the new stories to share today.

2. Where did you learn to write about smut?

I guess just by reading it and then mostly doing it repeatedly so I could get specific scenes right. (!!!) My husband loved the research part. The first smutty story I had read was a fantastic canon one shot that was filled in the blanks during Isle Esme. I can’t remember what it was called. Then eventually, I moved to slash (which I loved…yeah, who knew?) with a story called Acting Out By Eroticfan. Both definitely inspiring. I had a very specific scene in my head that I wanted to write involving a threesome, but I had no plot or anything, so I just went with it. It ended up being a full chaptered story with smut in almost every chapter. I did do some research on smut writing because I am always looking to improve the craft. Back then I didn’t really know what writing style I preferred or what I was comfortable with, so it was all experimental. But yeah, I learned by doing and by reading what other’s had written.

3. What was the first smut story you ever write? How did that go? Did you fall into clichés? Is it still posted?

I wrote this story called A Cold White Christmas which is an AU of New Moon. Edward comes back years later and blah blah blah. But they do it right away. And writing the smut scenes were so uncomfortable for me because it was my first time doing anything like that. They were not graphic, in fact they were extremely tame compared to what I write now. But they fit the story.

Then when I saw what others were posting, and the graphic nature of it, I thought, hey, I can do this too- it’s not that hard and I am a total pervert in real life, so why not write about an Ecstasy fueled threesome, which was how I’ll Be Your Lover Too was born. And if I look back there are definitely some moments involving “aching, heated core”, “throbbing manhood,” and “tongues begging for entrance.” *Shudders* I could go back and change all the trite clichés, but I like it shows the progression or evolution of my writing. Now, I try not to use clichés if I can help it, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Both are on Twilighted and

4. A lot of authors feel awkward when writing FemSlash. Do you ever feel this way, and if you so, do you have any tips to overcome that awkwardness?

I think that writers (and people in general) are uncomfortable with femslash because homosexuality is a taboo subject in general. How can you write about being with a woman if you never have been? The possibility of this leading to the questioning of your sexuality is great, and if you care what others think, then it could be a problem. It’s a fine line, depending on your comfort and security level. Though, it seems that in TwiFics, people are extremely comfortable masquerading behind a clever screen name and acting out their most depraved fantasies, which I think is awesome.

And then of course, there are just people that are uncomfortable with the idea of slash in general. See, FemSlash to me is almost more erotic than regular smut. I think because women are so beautiful, nurturing, and more expressive than men, it is easier to write and it creates a whole different dynamic because of the illicitness of the act then would just a regular man/ woman smut scene. I don’t personally feel awkward with it, because I think it’s hot and well, if I could go back a few years and explore those feelings further than I already have and…ahem. I’m off topic. What were we talking about?

Basically, picture the scene in your head as you would like to hash it out. Imagine two beautiful women touching and caressing in the same manner than a woman and man would. Only there’s obviously no slot A to fit into a slot B, and four large breasts instead of two. You’d write the scene the same way as you would a traditional scene but with some alterations to the mechanics…and uh…additional toys perhaps.

I write femslash scenes from my pov on the giving and receiving end. If she does this to me, how would it feel? If I did this to her, how would it feel? See you don’t really have to guess what the other character is feeling or how they would react because you can BE them in both the giving and receiving ends. Whereas with a man, if you aren’t one, you only know by what you’ve seen and experienced through your encounters. not by what you’ve actually felt, unless you are of course a hermaphrodite. And if you are, email me cus I have questions.

The most important part is to keep an open mind. And if you aren’t comfortable with same sex encounters then maybe you should rethink the plot or storyline you have intended and go a different direction. Or…you could just try to forge through it, and maybe you’ll find that it’s quite beautiful and sensual to read and write.

5. What has inspired you when you wrote FemSlash scenes?

I haven’t written many so, the one I did do was basically based on some prior experience and then I took it waaaaaaaay beyond my own boring vanilla drunken encounter. I took what I like, things that I find sexy on a woman…thigh high stockings, nipple piercings, going braless and pantiless underneath a dress and used those things. I put myself into Bella’s shoes because she was completely inexperienced when it came to things like that and I let Tanya take over…teaching her, showing her what she liked. Again, I put myself on the giving and receiving ends and it was much easier to work through that way.

6. What is your number one tip to authors who have never written smut?

I have two main things:

1. Write what you are comfortable with. Write what you have experience with. Take mental notes while you fornicate. WATCH PORN.

2. When writing smut, use all five senses interspersed with a small bit of dialogue and lots of internal thoughts.

I did this, then I did that, then she whispered this, and then he did this before I did that… gets really boring. But if you describe what the characters smell, feel, see, taste and hear, adding in thoughts about these things or just random musings in between moaning and breathy words, the scene actually comes to life. You have the ability to put the reader right into the scene and that is a powerful tool.

It is also important to remember that you can write a really steamy scene without ever getting graphic or using the words dick, cock, pussy, cum or fuck. Smut does not have to be explicit. It can be alluded to without ever having to use any of the traditional in your face words and actions that run rampant in the fandom. Sometimes, simple is more. In one of the new stories I will be posting, the sex scenes will be graphically subdued because of the passive nature of the characters…not what I am used to writing, but what is appropriate for the character’s personalities.

So in a nutshell, write what you are comfortable with and more importantly what the characters you have created are comfortable with. Let the sex fit the situation and the characterizations.

7. Who is your favorite character to write about when writing smut?

Edward, because I love Edward and there’s really no other reason than that. I can make him be fierce or subdued. He can be anything I want him to be.

8. Do you find writing female POVs more difficult than writing male POVs?

This is kind of a hard question. I find it easier to write from the female pov simply because I am one and I can relate to one. That being said, I have a hard time writing a Bella that I don’t understand…one that doesn’t like fashion or one that doesn’t give a crap about her hair or anything other than Charlie and her darn books, with no outside interests whatsoever, other than Edward. I don’t know anyone that is really like that in real life and that particular characterization (as does SM’s version) irks me. However, from a sexual pov, I don’t have to research what happens to a female’s body during orgasm because I have had this experience (many times, thank you very much.) I have no idea what it is like having an orgasm or what happens physiologically to man because I am not one, and the one I know won’t tell me because he’s not falling for my sexy talk disguised as fic research. Bastard.

I prefer writing from a male POV, but I find it easier to write from the female Pov.


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