SU Author Interview – Camoozle

Camoozle author of For The Summer

1. What are your pet peeves in reading smut? What words or actions put you off?

Too much detail about the physical, not enough mental/emotional explanation. I feel like the smut should be there for a purpose, it needs to accomplish something or propel the plot forward.

I think the words/actions used should reflect characterizations that you have created. For example, if Bella is naive and insecure, she might not use words like, clit and dick. Although, it’s possible she might in the future, as she grows into her own and becomes more confident. The words need to be appropriate for the Point of View as well. So I guess I’m not really turned off by the words, more like when they’re used in a way that doesn’t coincide with characterizations.

2. If you have to rec one story to us, with reeeeally good smut, what would it be, and why? (There’s a hitch though: it can’t be a “big” fic, it must fall under the criteria of Twific Indie Awards, which means less than 500 reviews for a multi-chaptered story.)

This is hard. I’ll have to get back to you. I read a LOT of good smutty one shots, but mult-chaptered is trickier…

This story is Jasper/Bella: Into Strangers, by Mopstyle –

I feel like the smut is written with all the senses. We see, we smell, we hear and feel and taste. And it’s a release, after an intense build up.

Another story that has great smut is The Elite, by Fate.of.Gabriel –
I love the Alice/Emmett pairing in this. I know the rules were under 500 reviews, but this popped into my head immediately.

3. What terms do you think are over used in smut?
omg folds. Or Fisting…unless you are writing about actually inserting a fist into an orifice.

4. What are your dos and don’ts when writing smut?

More recently, I tend to stay away from using the graphic words, dick, cock, pussy, clit, juices, etc…I’ve been more general in my terms. I try to focus on the feeling of what is happening, rather than the actual acts.

5. What are your general fanfic writing pet peeves?

I feel like fluff needs to be offset by some angst. There needs to be a balance and when one overwhelms the story, it tends to make me lose interest. Also, pacing…when one day takes like five chapters, I need the story to move.

6. There a balance to the smut in your fic with the storyline. How and when do you determine when lemons are required?

I feel like the lemon needs to have a purpose, to show growth in the characters, to show distancing, to show anger, love, fear etc…there needs to be a reason and it needs to DO something.

7. Is there any smut you won’t read/write about?

I’m pretty open to any and all pairings. If it can be justified and I enjoy the writing, I’ll read it. I can accept the scenario for what it is, even if it’s something that I don’t necessarily agree with.


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