SU Author Interview – AngstGoddess003

AngstGoddess003  is the author of Wide Awake

1. How did you come up with the idea of Wide Awake? Company Loves Misery?

Wide Awake was pretty random. There was no real inspiration other than the characters I wanted to see. CLM was mostly a prompt from WA Rehab from last FGB.

2. How do you find inspiration to write?

I never find inspiration to write. It always finds me. Usually at random, and often lying in bed, half asleep, thinking of where I left my character last. I guess most of my ideas come to me whenever I’m halfway between consciousness and sleep.

3. Was it hard to write smut at first? Were you shy about it?

It was epically hard and I was sooooo shy, and I guess at the time I figured I had to just barrel through that awkwardness and put it out there. I think after I finally fell into my own writing style and got comfortable writing smut, I realized the most important factor to writing it was being comfortable. Awkwardness translates in bad ways. Rereading my first smut scenes makes me cringe, not because I’m too hard on myself or I don’t see those little signs of writing improvement I do in my current writing, but simply because I can feel my own discomfort and I’m sure the reader could, too. Also, I know it’s just not my style. In my own style, it would have been depicted the same, but differently. If I’d listened to my own feelings at the time and followed my instincts, it would have turned out better.

4. Where did you learn to write smut?

Just doing it? lol. I don’t know that I have fully learned. I suppose I’m still learning. I do love to take note whenever I read a smut scene that really grabs or impresses me, and I try to find that “thing.” What about this scene made it so good for me? Usually, it’s the authors’ use of graphic yet subtle honesty, or their use of some emotion or gesture or facet of the moment that I’ve never seen depicted before. Original stuff sticks out to me, kind of like when I can see, in my mind, the most obscene and erotic moments without the author painting the picture for me, and instead suggesting or leading me to it.

5. Do you find it hard writing from two point of views? Were there ever times you found your characters were sounding to much alike? How did you keep them separate?

I’ve never had an issue with my characters sounding too much alike, but I suppose in my own writing, I like exercises in contrast, so my characters would just never think or act the same. Usually, if Character A would do one thing, Character B would do the complete opposite.

6. Being a girl, what are your thought processes when writing smut from a male point of view? Did you have to do any sort of research?

I just apply what I know. I’ve never been asked “are you sure?” before I got laid. I’ve never had a man suggest we should “wait until the right moment.” Until a certain age, I’ve never had a man last long enough for me to…. well, yeah. By default, men care about things in this order –> sex, food, sex, sleep, sex, Gears of War 3, food, sex. Edward is no exception to this rule. He just isn’t. If Edward is asking “Are you sure?” then I want major–often too contrived and dramatic to even pull off–background justification for this beyond him simply being polite. So unless I have that, Edward is just a dude who wants to stick it in something, just like everyone else.

I do ask my fiance stuff sometimes. I wonder if guys can really feel us “tightening” when we achieve orgasm (this got a good laugh), or if he really only needs to curl his fingers to get me off (this got a wistful expression), or if he could pee when semi-erect (I won’t even go into the look this got me). So, I do research I guess? But I’m using the one man I’m closest to, and I’m sure my experiences with him shape most of my male characters anyway.


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