SU Author Intervew – Ninapolitan

Ninapolitan, author of The Wingman

Do you find inspiration from real life?

Stories, yes.  The act?  No.  Too self-insert.  It’s all pretty much imagination.

Do you let Mr. Ninapolitan read it?

Mine listened to my crackfic, Eduardo’s Lessons of the Sexing, on ific.  He basically laughed and shook his head through the whole thing.  He reads my original writing but not fic.

Were you shy about writing smut for the first time?

No.  But, to be fair, I’m not a nervous or shy person at all about anything so yeah.  The answer is no ;).  Shit, you guys are serious with these questions, lol.

What is your smut pet peeve?

“Virgins” having multiple orgasms the first time they have sex.

Is writing a smut scene a personal experience for you?

It definitely pours out.  I’ve heard of people outlining lemons and shit.  And that’s great if it works for them but it wouldn’t work for me.  It plays like a movie in my dirty gutter brain.  😉

Do you research?

Hahaha…awesome question.  Yes, is the interesting answer.  No, is my answer.  Ha.

Favorite name for the “bits,” female or male?

I’m a fan of the old school c**k and p***y.  I think that tagline was in my high school yearbook too under my picture.  Christ.  In my first story I was hell bent on making it all comedy so the most crackerific words were used.  Love tunnels and meatstick.  Yeah, I’m an ass.


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